Mission Duchenne

Follow Jono as he travels into the future to learn about what will happen to him. This bright and easy-to-read comic can help young children understand Duchenne
muscular dystrophy.

Mission Duchenne comic front cover

Jono’s journey inside the body

Join Jono and Captain Jack as they journey inside Jono’s muscles! Another adventure comic that can help parents and carers explain to young children what happens to their bodies when they have Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Jono’s journey Inside the body comic front cover

Mission Duchenne the new commander

Captain Jack helps Jono become the captain of his own future. This adventure comic is aimed at older children and teenagers to help them discuss their future with
their families.

Mission Duchenne the New Commander front cover

Mission Duchenne a time of change

Join Jono and Captain Jack as they take on the adventure of puberty! If you have a tween or teen, this is the comic that will help those uncomfortable conversations feel a lot less heavy.

Mission Duchenne a time of change front cover

Read all about how other children, teenagers and their families live with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

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